New Mexico Water and Wastewater Operator Training

DBS&A is pleased to announce our fee-based water and wastewater utility operator trainings. Training will take place in our main office located at:

6020 Academy Road NE, Suite 100
First Floor Large Conference Room
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Click here for directions to the office.

If you need additional information or have questions, please contact Nancy Rebarchik at (505) 822-9400 or via email at

The training schedule and course agendas are shown below.

Trainings are open to any public water or wastewater system staff and operators. Some classes are suitable for Board members and other system employees/volunteers.

6.0 eligible CEUs per training course are available, unless otherwise stated on the agenda.

Trainings will begin at 9 AM, with lunch on your own from 12 noon – 1 PM, unless otherwise stated on the agenda.

Registration and pre-payment is REQUIRED for all fee-based training. The cost is $125 per person per day. Payment guarantees your registration.

A minimum number of 10 pre-paid registrants are required for the class to move forward as scheduled. If the minimum is not met by the Thursday before the classes are to begin, the classes will be canceled and registrants notified and refunded.

Click on the agenda below to register for one or more of these trainings. You will receive a confirmation of your registration from Eventbrite.

Training Materials

Links to the training announcements, presentations, handouts, and other class material are provided below; click on the + to expand the folders. Presentations are not required to be printed and brought to class, however, ALL handouts referenced on the specific training announcement should be printed and brought to class. Hardcopies will no longer be provided. Links are also provided on the individual training announcements.

Please download documents using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers if you experience difficulty downloading hyperlinked documents using Internet Explorer.

Concentration-Time (CT)
    CT WorkSheet and Tables
    Documentation of Chlorine Inactivation Level 092916
    EPA CT Tables
    Log Removal Graph
    Table of Log Removal
    Drinking Water Tech Tips for Surveyors: Chlorine Contact Time for Small Water Systems
Distribution Systems Maintenance
      Asset Management IQ Quiz
      COA Thrust Block Detail
Operator Math
    UOCP Conversions
Pumps & Motors
      Hazen Williams Head Loss and Velocity Table
      Model DB2
      Model DB3
      Model 8H-1000 Performance Characteristics
      Model 8H-1000 Performance Characteristics
      Model S6-290 Performance Characteristics
      Nomograph 2016
      Pump Curve Example
      85 GPM Performance Curves
      385 GPM Performance Curves
      800 GPM Performance Curves
Water Loss Handouts
      A#1 Rockville Water Supply Corporation Background Information
      A#1 Software Exercise Results
      A#2 Data Validity Applied Activity
      A#2 Data Validity Exercise Results with Data Grades
      A#2 Data Validity Exercise without Data Grades
      A#2 Data Validity Exercise Trainer Notes
      A#2 Data Validity Exercise
      A#3 Real Loss Leakage Component Analysis Applied Activity
      A#3b Leakage Component Analysis Exercise
      A#4 Toolbox Decision Applied Activity
      A#4 Toolbox Decision Exercise Trainer Notes
      A#4 Toolbox Decision Exercise
      Vertical Validity Matrices
Water System Sampler Training (WSST)
      Required Items to be Filled Out on Chain-of-Custodies
      TC COC Template
     Acronym List
    New Mexico Water Sampling Certification Study Guide
    New Mexico Water Systems Operator Certification Study Manual


Educational Offerings

DBS&A’s professionals can create and present a short course or workshop for your organization’s members. Past workshops include:

  • “Water Well and Recharge Workshop” for Water Utilities.
  • “Water Balance Covers for Landfills, Waste Repositories and Mine Waste: Design, Modeling, Construction, and Monitoring” for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • “Technology Symposium on Water Reuse and Advanced Water Treatment Technologies” with Air Products.
  • “Evapotranspiration Covers: Assessment and Design Techniques” with PhytoLink Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • “The Art of Water Supply”  (An introduction to the science, engineering, and other components involved in identifying, developing, and securing our clients’ future water supply. Designed for managers and operators from municipalities, water districts, and public utilities, and previously presented to New Mexico Office of the State Engineer and the New Mexico Finance Authority.)
  • “Rural Water Workshop” for the New Mexico Rural Water Association.
  • “Principles of Vadose Zone Hydrology” for various organizations.

In addition, DBS&A professionals frequently present at conferences hosted by organizations such as:

  • American Water Resources Association
  • American Water Works Association
  • Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association
  • American Institute of Professional Geologists
  • American Planning Association
  • National Ground Water Association
  • International Network of Environmental Forensics
  • Soil Science Society of America

If you are interested in DBS&A presenting a short course or workshop, please contact:

Janet Wolfe, CPSM
(505) 822-9400