Recharge and Reuse Presentations at Tri-State Seminar

DBS&A Engineer Jennifer Hill, PE, and Geno Mammini, PG, hydrogeologist of Geo-Logic Associates affiliate Clear Creek Associates LLC, will be presenting a the 36th Annual Tri-State Seminar (TSS) taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 9 to 12, 2021. TSS provides education to water and wastewater operators from the Western United States for professional development, continuing education, and technology transfer to support the vision and missions of TSS’s partner organizations; AZ Water Association, California Water Environment Association and the Nevada Water Environment Association.

Ms. Hill will be presenting on the topic of “Recharge and Reuse as Part of a Diversified Water Portfolio.” Mr. Mammini will be presenting on “Well Design for More Than One Stakeholder” and “Basin Recharge – Siting, Design, Operation, and Enhancement”.

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