Does your GSA or community need funding for groundwater management?

A Prop 68 Grant will help fund projects like:

  • Planning and implementation of groundwater recharge using surface water, stormwater, or recycled water, and other conjunctive use projects
  • Developing projects to prevent or cleanup contamination of groundwater that serves as a source of drinking water

Technical Support

DBS&A has assisted clients by obtaining over $30 million in funds for water management. We can support communities with:

  • Grant preparation
  • Project scoping, costing, and scheduling
  • Project work plan development
  • Grant administration upon award

Expertise in “Program Preferences”

DBS&A is particularly well suited to assist communities best positioned to meet “Program Preferences,” with expertise related to:

  • Efficient use and conservation of water supplies
  • Use of recycled water
  • Capture and recharge of groundwater supplies
  • Water supply portfolio expansion
  • Conjunctive use programs
  • Groundwater contamination evaluation and cleanup

About Proposition 68 Planning

In total, grant awards of $46.25 million (for planning) and at least $88 million (for implementation) are available through competitive Sustainable Groundwater Management Grant Program Proposition 68, Chapter 11.6 Regional Sustainability for Drought and Groundwater, and Water Recycling funding. Proposals must:

  • Develop and implement groundwater plans and projects in accordance with groundwater planning requirements
  • Address drought and groundwater investments to achieve regional sustainability for investments in groundwater recharge with surface water, stormwater, recycled water, and other conjunctive use projects, and projects to prevent or cleanup contamination of groundwater that serves as a source of drinking water

For more information about Sustainable Groundwater Management Grant Program, click here.

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Expertise

Questions? Reach out to: Tony Morgan, PG, CHG, DBS&A’s Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist, to discuss your situation. In his role as the corporate Market Leader for Water Planning and Development, Tony draws upon his considerable expertise in SGMA compliance.