Hopi Water System Improvements Presentation

New Mexico WaterThe Rocky Mountain Section of the American Water Works Association will hold the 2022 New Mexico Water Workshop from April 7 to 8, 2022, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Presentation topics will include water distribution, water treatment, water resource recovery, management and planning, emergency management, and ethics.

During the workshop, DBS&A Engineer Jennifer Hill, PE, will be presenting on the planning, design, and construction of the Hopi Regional Water System. Please see the abstract below.

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The Hopi Reservation is a Native American reservation, surrounded entirely by the Navajo Nation, in Navajo and Coconino counties of Arizona. Hopi communities on First and Second Mesas in Arizona are served by groundwater wells that exceed the federal arsenic standards.  Arsenic concentrations in the First and Second Mesa area range from approximately 13 ppb to 20 ppb. In 2020, the design for HAMP was completed to include 4 storage tanks, 3 booster pump stations and 40 miles of piping to convey water from the Turquoise Trail wells to four public water systems at First and Second Mesas. Construction commenced on this project in April of 2021 and completion is expected in June of 2022.This presentation will discuss water quality challenges with groundwater wells in this area, the design of the water infrastructure, construction challenges, and provide an update on startup and commissioning of the regional water system, which will provide a reliable supply of safe drinking water to these rural native communities.