NASA Rio GrandeDBS&A worked with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Western Water Applications Office (WWAO) to conduct a survey that characterizes the overall water management, stakeholders, and water management challenges in the Rio Grande Basin in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.  The NASA WWAO plans to complete similar basin studies for all major river basins in the western United States.  The project objectives were to describe the overall management and use of water resources in the basin, identify and catalog the basin stakeholders and water management challenges, outline the decision support needs in the basin, and identify where NASA remote sensing data could add value.  NASA plans to host a basin stakeholder needs assessment workshop in 2021.

Amy Ewing, PG, Hydrogeologist said “It was great working with NASA, and the wide variety of stakeholders.” Learn more about DBS&A’s Geographic Information Systems capabilities here. For more information about our Water Planning services, click here.