DBS&A at California Aquifers and Groundwater Management Conference

Cullen, Morgan, ChaconThe Association of Ground Water Agencies – American Ground Water Trust (AGWA – AGWT) Annual Conference on “Everything Aquifers and Groundwater Management” will take place on February 19-20, 2020 in Ontario, California. DBS&A is honored to have our groundwater professionals—Stephen J. Cullen, PhD, PG, Tony Morgan, PG, CHG, and Diana Chacon—participate in this important event.

Senior Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist, Stephen J. Cullen, PhD, PG, will moderate a session on private sector investment in California water supply infrastructure and management, which will feature presentations on the Cadiz project, NASDAQ VELES California water index (NQH2O), and the role of investor owner utilities in providing water supply in California.

Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist, Tony Morgan, PG, CHg, will moderate the session “What the Next Step is for your Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA): Implementation or Litigation?” The discussion will explore two Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) challenges:

  1. A GSA Board is authorized to set groundwater extraction allocations, provided that those allocations do not impact water rights. How does a GSA Board balance this situation?
  2. How does a GSA Board construct a groundwater extraction ramp-down plan that is consistent with the complex groundwater rights of California?

This is an important information exchange and networking opportunity for California’s water agencies, utilities and water districts, and for all water professionals (scientific, engineering, managerial, legal, environmental, regulatory), end-users of water, and local and state elected officials involved with water policy issues. The focus of every program is on current groundwater management issues in California. Click here to learn more about the event. 

DBS&A’s experts in hydrology, hydrogeology, and related disciplines provide technical guidance to ensure optimal development, use, and management of groundwater, surface water, and recycled water resources. Our hydrogeologists and modelers leverage their experience in developing groundwater budgets and numerical models, and estimating the sustainable yield for adjudicated basins to support water agencies working toward compliance with California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Learn more about our water resources expertise.