Independent Hydrogeological Reviews


With California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) deadlines quickly approaching, water rights adjudications are expected to increase after medium and high priority basin Groundwater Sustainability Plans are filed in January 2022. Adjudications are already being considered in many basins, including:

  • Borrego Springs basin
  • Las Posas basin
  • Oxnard-Pleasant Valley basins
  • Ventura River watershed
  • Cuyama basin

Court challenges to water rights adjudication or a water rights adjudication can benefit from a team of technical experts.

DBS&A’s hydrogeological experts can assist water purveyors or their legal staff with:

  • Third-party reviews of groundwater models
  • Basin management strategies
  • Yield-enhancement projects
  • The applicability of proposed Sustainable Management Criteria

Legal firms can benefit from independent technical review of GSPs and supplemental documentation by our water resource specialists. They are experts in:

  • Hydrogeology and hydrology
  • Engineering
  • Soil science
  • Modeling
  • GIS analyses

Learn more about our water rights and disputes expertise and SGMA. Learn more and/or reach out to one of our experts.