The American Ground Water Trust (AGWT) Annual Colorado Groundwater Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on November 20 and 21, 2019. The conference theme is “When the Real Work Begins: Taking Water Planning from Design to Implementation.”

DBS&A Engineer, Kelly Jayne, PE, will moderate a session on “Water Quality Impacts: Hard Rock Mining, Oil & Gas Development. and Irrigation” featuring presentations on “An Engineer’s Perspective Of Acid Rock Drainage – The Challenges and Some Innovative Remedies” (Jim Gusek), “Regional Groundwater Contamination Associated with Exploration and Production of Natural Gas” (Mike Wireman), and “Uranium Concentrations in Irrigation Return-Flows to the Arkansas River, Southeastern Colorado” (Peter Barkman). Also meet DBS&A Staff Hydrogeologist Alan Lewis. Click here to learn more about DBS&A’s water quality expertise.

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